Excursion Dolphin Explorer Punta Cana

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Prepare yourself to hold hands with the dolphin, and then it will take you for a journey that was once every kid’s dream.
Learn how to cue and watch as the dolphin leaps right over you.
Amaze yourself while discovering the power and speed together with the softness and the gentleness of your new flippered friend.
In addition, the Explorer Program includes kissing and dancing with dolphins, the belly ride, where you will hold the dolphin as he rides across the water and much more!

- This program includes 50 minutes water time with the dolphins.
- This program is designed for up to 12 people per group.
- There will be one dolphin per group.
- Includes Park Admission and Shows.

Experience duration (hh:mm): 12:50


Available from: PUNTA CANA