Group Discount · Volume Discount

We make it simple! The BIGGER your Purchase is, the BIGGER your Discount is.

The two main factors we take into consideration are: 

  • The number of people in your purchase.
  • The number of experiences in your purchase.

How does it work?

Easy. Just add the desired experiences/people to your shopping cart and if you qualify for a discount, it would be shown automatically.

There is no need to contact us. No need for tedious negotiations. We automatically treat our customers the best we can.


  • Include all the people and experiences possible on the same purchase to receive the best available discount. 
  • Join forces with friends and family, do it all together on the same purchase, and you will all get the best prices. 
  • Do not include people or experiences that you are looking to cancel later on, as when you do those cancellations, the discount is taken away. 
  • There are also other exclusive promos and discounts available for specific groups. Visit the Discounts page now to learn more.
  • Another smart way to save is by purchasing combos or packages. Visit the Packages page now to explore and save.
  • If you have a promo code, exclusive discount, or package; these can't be combined with the volume discount. However, you can always choose what's best for you upon check out.
  • If your group is +20 people, Contact Us and maybe we can do something extra. We welcome groups of a wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduates, spring breakers, and any other.