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Q: What happens if I make a purchase and later find the same experience cheaper elsewhere?
A: Just send us an email to lowestprice@toursnation.com and we will refund you the difference. We only need a proof of the exact same experience being sold for less; you can send a picture, a link or similar. Please make sure to include your reservation/confirmation number.

Q: Why can I find similar experiences on a wide range of prices?
A: Just like any other product or service, many options could look similar but end up being different.
In the case of experiences, the differences may have to do with: duration, itinerary, equipments used, included options, and many other factors that impact the overall.

Q: Does less expensive means worse?
A: Not with us. We offer curated alternatives for all budgets, always making sure that quality is provided regardless of the price. There are differences but even when paying less, you are always in good hands when purchasing with us.
However, when shopping elsewhere, be extremely careful as some cheap experiences may jeopardize quality and safety in order to get to a low price. Not worth saving money in that case, at least in our opinion.

Q: When using a promo code, I get different levels of discount on different experiences. Is that correct?
A: Yes, discounts may vary depending on the promo, and the experience.

Q: Would the price change if the date of my experience is modified?
A: This is the case only if you have requested the modification during a price change period (rare), or if the experience has different prices for different dates. The latter is typical for clubs, shows and hotel stays.