Frequent Asked Questions

· Pricing ·

Q: Why are there similar tours on a very wide range of prices?
A: Like in any other product from clothing to cars and beyond, many options may look similar on the surface but have significant differences when you look closer.
Regarding Tours, the differences have to do with: Duration, Itinerary, Included Options, etc.
Be careful with tours offered on a very low price by street or beach vendors, as they may jeopardize quality and safety to get to that low price point.

Q: When using a promo code, I get different levels of discount on every tour. Is that correct?
A: Yes, discounts may vary depending on the code, and the tour.

Q: Would the price change if the date of my tour is modified?
A: This is the case only if you have requested the modification during a price change period, or if the tour has different prices for certain days of the week. The latter is typical for clubs & shows.

· Pick Up & Transportation ·

Q: Where is my pickup point?
A: Usually pickup points are by the hotel’s lobby, driveway or entrance. Only sometimes when several hotels are within the same property, they may have one common pickup point. Your hotel’s porter may be able to direct you to the correct location.

Q: Is the time of my tour, my pickup time?
A: Not necessarily. Normally your pickup time would be earlier than your tour time.

Q: Where can I see the pickup time for my hotel?
A: There is a Pick Ups Table available on for every tour.

Q: My hotel is not listed on the Pick Ups Table. What would be my pickup time?
A: You can take the hotel next to yours as a reference or contact us and we will find out for you.

Q: Are pickup times precise or approximate?
A: Pickup times are approximate. You should be ready at pickup point at least 10 mins in advance.

Q: Would transportation wait for me if I am not at the pickup time when expected?
A: Unfortunately, not. The driver needs follow the pickup table and waiting would create a chain delay in all the hotels.

Q: I was late and could not catch my transportation. What can I do?
A: Depending on the tour, you may have the option of taking a taxi at your own expense. However, you may not make it on time to some or all of the relevant activities.

· Modifications · Cancellations & Refunds ·

Q: Would the tour be refunded if I was late and missed my pickup?
A: Unfortunately, not.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?
A: The standard cancellation policy allows you to request a change to and/or cancel a reservation up until 24 hours (sometimes 48 hours) before the start time of the tour. Timings are calculated in accordance with the time zone of the tour.

Q: How can I modify or cancel a reservation?
A: Modifications and cancellations, including date changes should be made online. They are possible as long as the change is made by the deadline of 24-48 hours before the start time of the tour in accordance to its time zone.

There are two ways to proceed (available only before the mentioned deadline):

  • Using your confirmation email:
    • 1) In that email, click on the link “Manage Reservation”.
    • 2) Look for the tour you wish to change and click on “Change Date” or “Cancel this tour”
    • 3) If changing date, select a date from the options given on the calendar and confirm.
  • If you are registered on
    • 1) Login and click "My Tours" and then select the reservation your wish to work on.
    • 2) Follow steps 2) and 3) above.

Q: If a tour or reservation is successfully cancelled, when do I received the refund?
A: We process your refund immediately; it really depends on your bank, but you should see the refund on your statement within 7-10 days. You will receive a refund confirmation email from Tours Nation as soon as we process the refund.

Q: Can a refund be requested if I did not fully enjoy the tour?
A: Unfortunately, not. If you are not enjoying the tour, you must address the issues while in the tour directly with the operator, that way they can assist you accordingly.
You can always contact us and provide us with your request, but we can’t guarantee any partial or full refunds unless the operator was already made aware of the issues by you while on the tour. We will assist as much as possible, but it would be at the operator discretion.